Saturday, November 8, 2008

Themed Christmas Party

kids cowboy costume westernLast year, my Dad's class decided to change the annual Christmas party from the traditional (aka BORING) to a themed party. The first theme was western.

My Dad was so excited that he brought out all his western-inspired accessories a few weeks before the party. He even went on a cowboy shopping spree for a few items like bandannas to make the Old West come to life. Kuya scored jeans, suspenders and a checkered long sleeved shirt in the process.

But all that shopping wasn't in vain. Kuya won the best in costume! My Dad was ecstatic.

This year, I heard from my Dad that the class decided on a 70s theme inspired by "Mama Mia" and the return of ABBA. Apparently, my mom and a few other class moms are doing a not-so-secret song and dance number to ABBA hits. I guess we'll be expecting blondes, glitter spandex and knee-high boots this December. With most of my Dad's classmates and their wives in their 60s--hmm...

I am, however, excited to dress up the kids in retro. I'm thinking a flower power hippie for Kowi and an afro wig for Kuya. Haha. That'll be fun! What will Hubby and I wear? For sure your won't be seeing us in spandex any time soon. Not in a million years.


Me, the islands and the world said...

oh! we have the same Christmas part theme,'ll be Hawaiian-Mama Mia theme hehehe! ugh, I don't know what to wear!

Journey said...

wow ang cute naman!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

we have the same problem...what to wear!!!!

Anonymous said...

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