Thursday, July 24, 2008

About me

32 facts about Carol

1. I am a domestic goddess in training.
2. I am a stay-at home mom to Kuya and Kowi, 7 and 3 respectively.
3. I am a happy wife to Hubby who is a military aviator.
4. I graduated from DLSU with degrees in Psychology and Business Management.
5. I've just discovered the wonderful world of blogging thanks to Melisse.
6. I'm allergic to pineapple, fruit AND juice. It gives me a rash around the lips.
7. My foot size increased after my first pregnancy. It used to be a size 5.5, now it's 6-6.5.
8. Hubby gave away ALL my shoes after giving birth to Kuya. =(
9. I used to have a dog named Michael and my cousin Michael didn't like it.
10. I love watching House MD.
11. I know karaoke is cool!
12. I come from a military family. Two grandfathers, my dad, an uncle and a cousin on my dad's side, four uncles and two cousins on my mom's side.
13. I love peanut butter on bananas. Yummy!
14. I'm listening to Motown on my Ipod.
15. I've never had the mumps.
16. I got my butt pinched inside the LRT.
17. On 11.11.11, Hubby and I will have our 11th anniversary.
18. I had a regular, 3D and 4D ultrasound to make sure that Kowi was indeed a girl.
19. I used to drink tequila like a horse with no chaser. But now the smell makes my tummy turn.
20. I had my last cup of coffee in 2002.
21. I can rescue Princess Toadstool twice in Super Mario without using any warp zones in one take.
22. My mom got my second name from Marilyn Monroe. (and no, it's not Marilyn)
23. I can eat an entire bowl of Spareribs Rice from Le Ching.
24. I "proposed" to Hubby within an hour of meeting him. ;P
25. I labored for 3 days before finally giving birth to Kuya via C-Section. Ouch!
26. I hate the smell of buttered popcorn.
27. Given the chance, I think I can win 1 million in The Singing Bee.
28. I am currently homeschooling Kowi.
29. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and antispetic.
30. I watched My Bestfriend's Wedding on the big screen 7 times and cried every time.
31. I love going through the baby section of department stores. Hubby just patiently waits.
32. I am a self-proclaimed practical parent and bargain hunter extraordinaire.


Marnellie said...

Hahah I love this post Ca. Ang galing naman anniversary nyo! 11 talaga! I will put that on my calendar hehehe..Uy, kung kapitbahay tayo, isa pala ako sa mga naging beneficiary ng shoes mo hahaha.. Pero lumaki din size ng paa ko eh. hehehe. Musta homeschooling mo? Congrats at approved ka na sa paperpost! Yehey!!

cheann said...

hi carol! i was just wondering if you're a friend of mayvel? anyway, if you are, mayvel and i are friends too since high school and it's great to see meet you in cyberspace. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Ma'am, I guess I know your husband. Is he Lt. C _ _ _ _ _ ? My husband is also a military aviator, belonging to the same unit. I remember your husband was talking about you and your blog when I visited my husband in Mindanao a few months ago.

Aileen said...

Hello Carol,
you were always good with the lyrics! I still kept the song sheet you wrote for my filofax! you wrote the entire song's lyrics during class hours. =)
It's cool to know you're home schooling Kuya.