Saturday, November 8, 2008

Themed Christmas Party

kids cowboy costume westernLast year, my Dad's class decided to change the annual Christmas party from the traditional (aka BORING) to a themed party. The first theme was western.

My Dad was so excited that he brought out all his western-inspired accessories a few weeks before the party. He even went on a cowboy shopping spree for a few items like bandannas to make the Old West come to life. Kuya scored jeans, suspenders and a checkered long sleeved shirt in the process.

But all that shopping wasn't in vain. Kuya won the best in costume! My Dad was ecstatic.

This year, I heard from my Dad that the class decided on a 70s theme inspired by "Mama Mia" and the return of ABBA. Apparently, my mom and a few other class moms are doing a not-so-secret song and dance number to ABBA hits. I guess we'll be expecting blondes, glitter spandex and knee-high boots this December. With most of my Dad's classmates and their wives in their 60s--hmm...

I am, however, excited to dress up the kids in retro. I'm thinking a flower power hippie for Kowi and an afro wig for Kuya. Haha. That'll be fun! What will Hubby and I wear? For sure your won't be seeing us in spandex any time soon. Not in a million years.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas

It's less than 50 days before Christmas and I haven't done ANY shopping yet. The LOOOONG Christmas list has been ready since midyear but I haven't gotten around to getting some retail therapy.

Every year I say to Hubby that I will start my Christmas shopping in June. And every year I start shopping just in time for the long lines at the cashier and the when the Christmas shopping frenzy is at its peak--just like a New Year resolution gone bad.

However, seeing all that clutter disappear during the garage sale inspired us to decorate for Christmas. I brought out my Nativity set, collection of Santa Claus, and started to put them around the house. Upon careful examination, the house still needs a few more Christmas-y items like wreaths and candy cane. Hmmm, we'll see.

I also bought a book called, "The First Christmas" to let the kids know about (ahem) the First Christmas. I read this to them last night and they loved it. They even rearranged the Nativity set and look to it often for reference. I can't wait to read "A Night Before Christmas" to the kids tonight. Hopefully, they won't rearrange my Santa Claus collection after that!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Being Out Of The Blogosphere Made Me...

It seems that my last post was ages ago. In truth, it was like two weeks. But in the blogosphere two weeks is a long, long, LONG time.

A lot of things kept me busy. I did a repeat of the garage sale. Yes, my second day wasn't as successful in sales as the first because it was the same stuff from the previous one. I did add a few things to the inventory, things that I had labeled as "not sure if I should sell but probably should." Finally, I mustered the strength to give them up. Although I didn't get as much as the previous garage sale, I was successful in getting rid of the stuff that we had accumulated from almost 8 years of marriage (give and take a few items before that). It took me two years to get it all out of the attic!

With all the stuff gone, the next step was to re-organize the whole house. I took out a lot of stuff and now had to clean, sort, sweep, sanitize everything that is left. The funny thing is that I found a lot of items that I had kept but forgotten like notes, unopened gifts, craft materials. I had to keep some but disposed most of them at the yard sale.

The great thing about having a yard sale aside from earning extra bucks is that I got rid of 5 balikbayan boxes of stuff that was gathering dust. My attic is now inhabitable. Plus I lost a bit of weight in the process. Imagine lugging, pushing, dragging boxes up and down the stairs. It sure beats the gym.

Oh, and Hubby was pleased that the house was clutter-free and clean when he got home last Friday (Another reason why I am away from the blogosphere). LOL