Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know of at least three couples getting married tomorrow. They'll be taking their place in history. After all, 08.08.08 will come only once.

One couple is my cousin and his fiancé. They'll be getting married tomorrow in Quezon City. And they've asked Kowi to be one of their flower girls. (Stage mother alert!)

I just got the gown yesterday. Apparently, it wasn't a joke when they told me last summer that the motif was definitely Chinese red and gold. Kowi's gown was really red with gold trim. The funny thing is we're not Chinese. I'm not so sure that my cousin's fiancé is one, too.

Good thing Kowi liked the dress when she tried it on. She felt 'like a princess' in that red gown with a large petticoat which weighed more that her. The dress can actually stand on it's own. I was a bit scared that she won't wear it because it's not pink.

So this morning I'm busy preparing the outfits for everyone. Kuya's and Hubby's Barong (just in case he can attend), Kowi's gown and extra dress, my dress, all the shoes plus accessories. My car actually looks like it's going to a movie set rather than a wedding.

Haay...back to work.


Mummy SHENG said...

hi! aside from the award, i also have a tag for you!

you're tagged!

Journey to Prosperity said...

Oo nga! 08-08-08 nga pala today hehehe.. Ano kaya magandang gawin?? HEHEHEE! Share ka pix sa wedding ha.:)

Pinay WAHM said...

Congrats to your friends/relatives getting married today or yesterday?

Looks like your cousin and now hubby is doing the whole nine yards..down to the red color.

Hope you had fun.

Have a great weekend.


Kwagoo said...

congrats to them..

08-08-08.. is a lucky date :D