Friday, September 12, 2008

A Ben 10 Day

Ben 10Kuya had it easy today. His school decided to give everyone a break by declaring it Achievement Holiday. After four days of exams, they deserve a little break.

Good thing that Kuya didn't have school so he can see Ben 10 a bit earlier than the other kids.

Kuya put on his Omnitrix and brought it to the show. What's a Ben 10 show without it?

We were seated at the front row, eager to watch Ben 10 live. The show started with a little bit of Ben 10 trivia and games. Kuya won three! It was a definite advantage to sit in front.

The show started with a backgrounder of how Ben got the Omnitrix. Then Wild Mutt and Four Arms appeared and did a couple of stunts while fighting off the alien bad guys.

There was a meet and greet Ben after. Kuya is all smiles in the pic and shows off his Omnitrix proudly. Too bad that Wild Mutt and Four Arms weren't there. That would've been cooler.

Ben 10 fans, you can still catch Ben 10, Wild Mutt and Four Arms live at Alabang Town Center tomorrow and Sunday. Kuya is asking if we could go again. We might. But I'm not too sure if Cartoon Network will allow him to participate in the games since he's won three times.


Anonymous said...

Carol, i hope u don't mind my using the comment box to ask u something ..... am curious, have you ever resided at a dormitory close to DLSU-Taft?

something purple said...

my toddler is a ben10 fanatic, napaisip tuloy ako baka masyado maaga for him maddict sa maaksyon na palabas hahah!

Anonymous said...

Actually i've been meaning to ask you that since i saw the photo you have on your profile before. Kahawig mo kasi. Tapos nalaman ko pa na DLSU ka rin nag-aral. Plus the credentials that you have. Sabi ko naku siya nga yata yun Carol na kilala ko. Tnx for the clarification!

Ben10 Games said...

I like Ben10!

Anonymous said...

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