Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad

daddyToday, my Dad got his dual citizenship. He is now both a Filipino citizen and a senior citizen. Yes, he's officially 60 years old.

Here are 10 facts about my Dad:

1. He's addicted to the following foods: Chocnut, Hany, Jolly, Good Shepherd ube jam, Hi-ro and hopiang hapon.

2. He only knows the restaurants Saisaki, Aristocrat and Max's.

3. He promises to go on a diet after eating in these restaurants. And I have yet to see this.

4. He plays golf at least 4 times a week. On the days he's not on the green, he's at the driving range.

5. He's a golf professional. No, he's not a golf instructor. He just wins in all the raffles. To date, he's won at least 8 TVs, 5 refrigerators, 4 washing machines, several rice cookers, a couple of flat irons, a few oven toasters, the occasional golf ball and gloves, a few boxes of beer in cans and energy drinks. His latest winning is a five thousand Rustan's gift certificate.

6. He has yet to win a car. Go for that hole-in-one, Dad!

7. When I was little, he claimed to look like Philip Gamboa, then Philip Salvador, then Zoren Legaspi and now, Papa Piolo Pascual!

8. His first attempt to cook hot dogs was a disaster. He cooked them with the plastic still intact! According to him, plastic has nutritional value.

9. He does have an official job, which he goes to once a week.

10. To keep himself updated with changing times, he enrolled in Informatics. But until now, he doesn't know how to open Microsoft Word or open his Yahoo! Mail on his own. This is actually a good thing. Without help, he can't read this!

Happy birthday, Dad! Love you.


Mommie Van said...

ahaha, how cute! happy bday to ur dad! dinifend pa ang hotdog nya! ^_^

Tuttie said...

happy bday to your dad! he sounds cool! hehe

kaycee said...

This is hilarious!!! Happy birthday to your dad!!! It sounds as if you guys are really close. Ad he seems like a cool dad, too :)

Journey to Prosperity said...

grabe sis di halatang cool ka na daughter at san nag mana haha happy bday to your dad!! pa raffle mo kaya ang mga napanalunan nya? hahaha

mm said...

happy birthday to ur dad, wow super addict nya sa golf ah hehe and swerte sa raffle ah=)