Monday, September 29, 2008

Cats In Hats

Kuya had their Mufti Day at school last Friday. The theme this month was to come as their favorite literary character.

He initially wanted to wear his Spiderman costume. But from last year's experience, most boys came in assuper heroes and most girls were fairies and princesses. In last year's class alone they had 5 Supermen, 3 Flash(es?), several Batmen and 1 Green Lantern. I wanted Kuya to wear something unique and easily recognizable.

I asked him to name a book that we read during bedtime and choose a character from there. A lightbulb went on and he decided to go as the Cat in the Hat. Not a bad choice. It was unique and something that we could make together.

We bought red and white felt paper and construction paper to make the hat, a red ribbon, black shirt and pants, white gloves and penciled-on whiskers and viola--our version of Cat in the Hat. We had fun making it, although Kuya had a bit too much by taping all the discarded paper together and finishing a whole roll of scotchtape!

We made two hats. Of course, Kowi had to have one--just like her Kuya.


Anonymous said...

Very creative and clever Mommy Carol.

dHomemaker said...

haha! cute.... :)