Friday, September 26, 2008

Watching The Wanders

wanders at pagcorWe had the opportunity to watch the Wanders at PACGOR Casino last Wednesday night. We didn't expect a lot of people for the show but a long queue had already formed by 8pm. All the seats were occupied and people were already sitting in the middle aisles just to watch. The show started promptly at 8:30.

Kuya and Kowi were excited to see acrobats. And they weren't disappointed. It was really a feast for the senses. Kowi fell asleep halfway through the program. But she got to see La Vie En Rose and loved it. Kuya was rolling with laughter at the Wander's rendition of Stomp. A bunch of guys in black and neon masks beating the drums under black light was his favorite part of the program.

Cameras aren't allowed inside the casino. So we had the official photographer take our picture as a souvenir. This was around 10 pm, after the show. My eyes look a bit puffy. It was almost past my bedtime, too.

You can still catch the Wanders every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the PAGCOR Grand Theater, Airport Casino. Apparently they'll be performing until the end of the year. Tickets are available at Ticket World.

This is not a sponsored post. Too bad. Haha. Hopefully, Hubby can watch this when he returns next month. His sister is an understudy for one of the singers. But she wasn't there last Wednesday.

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