Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Start

I've been wanting to buy James Patterson's Double Cross since it was released last year. Somehow all the bookstores in the country were out of stock--for 9 months.

My Dad has been a James Patterson fan for about a few years. He loves the Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club plus the few stand alone books that are out. So far, he's missing Double Cross in his collection.

I had planned to surprise him for his birthday with a copy of the book last September 9. But I was pleasantly surprised when Power Books told me they were all out of copies and were taking orders.

By some stroke of luck, as my sister and I were in National Bookstore, I saw it. It was a paperback copy of Double Cross and the last one. Wedged between Cross and Mary, Mary, Double Cross screamed at me. I just bought it immediately. And now my Dad's reading it in his favorite spot -- the toilet.

I think I get my love of reading from my Dad. I used to see his books around the house, Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum. I remember reading for pleasure when I was in Grade 4. It was a hard-bound Nancy Drew mystery which I borrowed from the school library. From then on, I was hooked. I think I finished the whole Nancy Drew collection that school year. Not bad for a beginner.

Hopefully Kuya and Kowi discover their love for reading as well. We read aloud almost every day and Kuya has been saying he feels like "he's in another place" when we read. This is a good start.


©Cee - Tous droits réservés. said...

I so love Robert Ludlum's novels. Sayang nga lang kasi namatay na sya.

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

My first "big " book was by Sidney Sheldon. Loved the fact that the protagonist was female and the letters were big. I think I was in fifth grade

Have yet to read a Ludlum novel. Why don't you try James Patterson, Women's Murder Club? It's easy to read since the chapters are short.