Thursday, September 18, 2008

Driving Me Nuts

There was a time when I loved to drive. I was in college and driving meant freedom to go wherever the gas can take me. Back then I was the only one who had the license to drive. My sister and brothers just had their learner's permit and drivers.

Somehow, when I got married, I designated Hubby as the official family driver. I would happily seat at the back, beside the car seat. When the kids finally gave up using the car seat, I was back in front, at the passenger side, navigating Hubby on which roads to take and spotting empty parking slots at the mall.

When Hubby's not here (which is often), I am the driver by default. And I hate it. I hate going through traffic and the Manila off road streets. But I don't have a choice. I don't have a driver and Kuya still has 10 more years before he can drive.

I hate passing through road repair, especially under the Alabang Viaduct. It seems like every week is a new route. So far it's been a year and the construction has been slowly progressing. I don't think it's reached 50% completion. Arrrgh!

Buses aren't great either. They use their size to cut and pass you. And then once they do, they stop to either let more passengers in or let passengers out -- in the middle of the road! When you try to signal and change lanes, other vehicles won't let you and you're stuck. Someetimes you're better off not making a signal at all. Grrr!

I hate jeeps especially at night. They get by without turning on their headlights and if you're lucky, you're folowing one without a brakelight either.

And scooters are the worst. Swarms of scooters just pop out of nowhere and pass you left and right. If you're not alert or careful, you're really going to hit one.

Don't get me wrong, I use public transportation. But given the choice, I'd rather be driving. It's easier on me and the kids.

Sometimes I wish I could just teleport. Where is Scotty when you need him?


chiara said...

Hi Carol! Buti ka pa, you know how to drive...I can't even start a car without freaking out!:( I'm going to take driving lessons soon - and i'm sweating bullets already just thinking of all the jeeps, buses and tricycles I have to watch out for on the road. You're right, I wish I could just teleport too! Hehehe! :D

ritz said...

you are right at all points! But there are times i love driving... going south very early in the morning soothes my nerves... a time to ponder... drive safely!

Anonymous said...

Hay! Driving in Manila is so frustrating talaga!!! I really blow the horns on those jeepneys and buses who bully the private vehicles. They really get to me. >:(

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