Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday 13 # 4

thursday thirteen
Ways To Save Money

I've been dreading to watch the news for these past few days and with good reason. It's all about how the world's economy is slowing down and how the financial markets are taking a dive.

Of course, this affects the common folk like me even if I'm thousands of miles away from Wall Street. As they say, (and I've heard from different sources many times this week) when Uncle Sam sneezes, the world will get a cold.

So, here are thirteen ways I'm saving money and stocking up on vitamin C.

13. Recycle.

12. Cook at home.

11. Shop on Ebay.

10. Sell my clutter on Ebay.

9. Stick to it -- the budget, the grocery list.

8. Leave credit cards at home.

7. Cut fuel expenses by scheduling errands and appointments.

6. Improve my DIY skills.

5. Cancel cable. (Or I'm considering it.)

4. Plan, plan, plan ahead.

3. Use compact fluorescent lamps.

2. Learn to say NO -- to designer brands, to whiny kids at the mall and to keeping up with the current trends.

1. Simplify.

Good luck to all of us.


Kwagoo said...

So true, sa hirap ng buhay, we should try to save money as much as possible!

Thanks for tips. Lavem!

Another way you can save is by writing down everything you spend, so that you can account for the little things that you take for granted.

My mom taught me to just have one credit card at hand and use only when absolutely necessary.

Tuttie said...

great tips carol! it's so stressful to watch the news nowadays.

Momof3 said...

We are saving money but not having cable (and the kids don't really miss it) or a cell phone. Yeah, not having a cell phone is a pain sometimes but its worth it right now.

Losing Myself said...

Great tips. Not having internet would be another way, but I'm not willing to give THAT up, yet.

marina said...

I have been using the majority of these ideas to save money, and it does work!

pchi said...

tama jud!

improve "DIY"

hmmm... ano nga yang DIY (hehe)