Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Global Financial Crisis, anyone?

I dread turning on the news everyday. All the talks about the global financial crisis leave me somewhat depressed and, frankly, concerned.

Who wouldn't be? Everyday, companies would announce cost-cutting measures to keep themselves afloat through these tough times. These range from withholding bonuses, salary ceilings to decreased work weeks and shutting down operations. The bottom line is that everyone needs to be on a tight budget until the global financial crisis blows over.

Just how do you make your budget work? Yes, it is living within your means, not spending more than what you make. I have lived 32 years with these little conveniences that I cannot just "undo" in a day. Sadly, some of the latte factors have to go. And they have to go -- pronto! But, people, it is easier said than done.

Let's translate this into more concrete terms:

- Forgo that cuppa joe every morning and try making your own coffee. Maybe this is the right time to invest in a sturdy coffee travel mug to take to work.

- Packed lunches are so hip! Did I mention that it can also save you a few bucks daily? As they say, even a penny may help.

- Eat at home more often. Family dinners can be a great bonding experience between parents and kids. It is definitely healthier and lighter on the pocket.

- Maybe forgo that professional mani-pedi and do it yourself for a change. They can cost an arm and a leg. Well, this may be too drastic... Maybe go to the salon once a month and DIY maintenance.

If anything, the global financial crisis is telling all of us to get back to the basics, live within our means and simplify. Who said that the old fashioned way of cooking at home and DIYs cannot be relearned? It is a hard lesson but the important ones are never easy.


Anonymous said...

So true Carol!
By the way another Award for you ....

Anonymous said...

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