Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hooked on Soaps

I have not been a big fan of soaps or telenovelas as we fondly call them here in the country. Filipinos have been hooked on soaps since the the Marimar phenomenon occurred in the mid 90s. And somehow primetime TV has never been the same since then.

In my 32 years of life, I have followed probably a handful. My first soap was Mara Clara. When scheduled permitted, I watched it for lack of other shows on TV. But I soon lost interest when that blasted diary apparently took years to surface.

I was coerced by my office mates into watching my second soap. Mula Sa Puso was a hit during those days. And Princess Punzalan was really scary. I had to watch or risk being ostracized during breaks. Yes, I even watched the movie. =P

I started tuning in to Pangako Sa 'Yo after I had given birth to Kuya. My cousins were absolutely hooked on this soap. Of course, I had to know the infamous Amor Powers and Madame Claudia that they were raving about.

Who would forget the sleeper hit, Mulawin? Since I watched the pilot episode, I started following it. Somehow the story of star-crossed lovers, Alwina and Aguiluz was too riveting to pass. No, I didn't watch the movie but I did buy the feathered masks.

Now, I'm starting to get hooked on the soap, Tayong Dalawa and for obvious reasons. Anyone who has seen the trailer would know that the two David Garcia Jrs would enroll themselves somewhere I know by heart. And I should. After all the significant men in my life hurdled its mountains in a manner of speaking.
Am I hooked on soaps?

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