Wednesday, July 2, 2008


When Kuya was 4, he liked to walk around the house barefoot and 've been trying to change that habit for the longest time.

I bought him cutie dog slippers which were made of furry cloth. It worked -- only for two weeks. He would wake up in the morning looking for those slippers and sleep at night with the slippers placed neatly under his bed. But, unfortunately, the novelty wore off.
Scare tactics didn't work either.

"Kuya, please wear your slippers OR ELSE..."

He answered, "what?"

"Or else... I'll step on your feet every time I see them without slippers" was the threat. It was the first thought to come to me.

One day, while eating breakfast at my parents' house, Kuya went to the dining room barefoot. My dad echoed the same threat.

"Kuya wear your slippers or I'll step on your feet."

To that, Kuya answered, "Jesus doesn't have any slippers, either!"

My dad spent the whole morning looking for pictures of Jesus with sandals.

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