Thursday, July 3, 2008

On icing, cakes and getting older

For as long as I can remember, I've always had cake on my birthday. It was as staple as rice. I've had different cakes with different icing. The best one is chocolate. I definitely hate the butter icing!

I remember having the big rectangle cake with butter icing and sugar flowers for my birthday when I was younger. If Imy memory serves me right, it was bigger than an average laptop. So there were certainly lots of that butter icing. I had no choice. I would only get the flowers (the pink ones) and not touch the cake, especially the icing.

I've also had ice cream cake from Magnolia House in Cubao. I have a few fond memories of ice cream stains on my dress, moustaches on my upper lip and lots of dry ice fun after the party.

When I grew a little bit older, I had more choice in the matter. It was MY birthday after all. It was chocolate all around for my 12th birthday. Yummy. Even for my 18th birthday at McDonald's with the Under the Sea theme. It was with sugar icing but the cake was defintely chocolate. This time it was as big as a laptop--only thicker.

As the years progressed, I am finding that I am veering away from chocolate. It started in college when I was introduced to more bakeshops (hehe). I have tasted different cakes, some with icing, others without. Some sugar-free, others sugar loaded. Some round, others not-so-round.

Now, as I am a year older, I chose an old friend. One that I stayed away from for three years because it is very sinful. But it's my birthday after all, and a little indulgence now and then never hurt anyone. Or so they tell me.

I had blueberry cheesecake again.

Do you notice that as you grow older, the less cake you have? Hmm... Maybe it's time to skip next year's cake altogether. I still have 364 days to convince myself.

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