Wednesday, July 2, 2008

JOY in my heart

One Tuesday afternoon in January, my dad and Tita Evelyn (his sister) showed up at the door bringing choconuts and bread. Kuya was in the middle of some "work" in the garden. I asked Kuya to go inside the house, but the need to dig dirt and put holes in the grass was too enjoyable to put off.

I lured Kuya into the house by saying we had choconut (king-sized) brought by my dad and Tita Evelyn. Of course, he hurriedly dumped all shovels, rakes, and barbeque sticks to get a taste of the goodies.

Lolo reminded Kuya to wash his hands before eating. Kuya was a bit frustrated, having to "waste time" in washing hands instead of digging in to eat. Since he was a bit too small to reach the faucet, he called Ate Elsa to help him wash the dirt away.

While waiting for Kuya to finish washing up, my dad, Tita Evelyn and I were enjoying a lovely conversation and eating at the dining table. Suddenly, we heard Kuya cry. He suddenly ran up to me, crying, suds still in his hands. "Bakit Joy yung ginamit pang-wash ng hands ko! Hindi ako PLATO!!!"

We just had to laugh.


Marnellie said...

Hahahah !oo nga naman, hindi sya plato! isa syang cute at smart na bata! hahaah natawa ako dun ha.. heehhehe

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