Friday, July 11, 2008

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

As with any three-year-old girl, Kowi loves playing dress up. Her favorite outfit this week is her old fairy costume from last Halloween complete with wings, wand and skirt. Sometimes she even borrows Kuya's Batman mask for added scary effect.

She has been prancing around the house since Monday dressed like this, sometimes sans the mask and wings but always with her wand and skirt. She would wave her wand at everything. She even turned me into a frog yesterday. "Mommy, you're a frog. Ting!" she said.

This morning when she got up, she immediately put on the skirt, wings and held on to her wand, waving it around. Kuya, while fixing his top bunk bed, reminded her to wear her slippers. She said okay and looked around their room for it. Apparently, one slipper was under the cabinet. I heard her saying, quite loudly, "Kuya, I can't reach the other one!" I heard her from my room across the hall.

Kuya, a little annoyed at her said, "Then use your wand to get it."

She did use her wand. She said, "Ting!" and then cried because it didn't work.

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