Monday, July 7, 2008

Youth and consequences

I often bring my kiddos along when I go grocery shopping. One time I was alone with Kuya at the meat section, choosing chicken choice cuts, when I heard someone call me. It was an ex-officemate, let's call her Maria.

Maria has lazy eye. It's a condition where one eye is not in proportion with the other eye. Others would call it banlag. It was very prominent. Sometimes I had a hard time ignoring it, too.

As Maria and I started chatting and catching up on things, Kuya was very quiet. I noticed that he was barely moving at all. I thought he was getting bored so I introduced him to Maria. "Kuya, you remember Tita Maria, right?" I said.

Then Maria said hello to him.

Kuya's response: Why are your eyes like that?

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me alive!!! I could literally feel the heat on my cheeks.

Then Kuya added, "Because one is looking there and the other one is looking at me. It's weird.

"I have a lazy eye," Maria tactfully explained.

We left it off at that and went our separate ways. Actually, I don't remember saying good-bye to Maria at all. Maybe because I was still reeling from total embarassment!

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