Monday, July 14, 2008


A predicition by a certain Juseelino Nobrega Daroose has been circulating via email these past couple of months foretelling of an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines, killing thousands. Yes, I have recieved that email. I think it was sent to me five times since April and I just laughed it off.

I found it really funny. Why? First of all, the content was really difficult to understand. The English was terrible. Secondly, Juseelino Nobrega Daroose is a non-name. I Googled it and his real name is Jucelino Nobrega Da Luz, a Brazilian psychic-slash-teacher. Lastly, Mr. Da Luz is seeking a $25-million reward for finding Saddam Hussein through his "psychic" ability. That is quite hilarious, isn't it?

But the series of earthquakes that have occured during the past week has got me a little paranoid. Spooked, actually. This time I'm not laughing.

Yes, it is a hoax. Mr. Da Luz didn't even mention the Philippines in his list of predictions for 2008. Even the PHIVOLCS claims that the email is bogus and that no one can predict when an earthquake will occur.

Is is an uncanny coincidence that the Inquirer headline about the the email being bogus was published the day a 5.4 magnitude earthquake? Hmmm...

Yes, I am paranoid. Paranoid and a little bit spooked because I just happen to live right along the fault line. Who wouldn't be?

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