Friday, July 18, 2008


For the past two days, I had no access to the Internet. I was literally unplugged. Hubby came home last Tuesday night and announced he was selling my laptop. I was unaware that it was even on the market!

In fairness to Hubby, he did have the best intentions in mind. And it was a great idea to sell my handy-dandy, ever loyal Dell laptop now so that I could upgrade. Yahoo!

The sad part was he had to take the laptop the next day, leaving me computer-less until the weekend. For a new blogger like me, that seemed like eternity plus a day!

So I woke up Wednesday morning and did my usual morning routine. Kuya was out the door my 7am. Kowi and I had breakfast at 7:30ish. I washed, swept, dusted, fixed, and arranged. Then I went into the Yellow Room, which was our study area, computer room and all-around-do-it-youtself place, and the table was laptop-less.

Oh well. I made a mental list of the things I'd do to fill up the blogging void. There were a few chores that I had put off for an uncertain date. Maybe I should start doing some of them, like finally fix the attic and sort things for my long overdue garage sale. I sat down on the chair and faced the empty table and sighed. Withdrawal symptoms? LOL

Several good things came out from being unplugged. One is that I finished The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I cried. Kowi and I did a little beading. Well, she mostly did the beading and I was in charge of getting the beads that fell. I also did a little House marathon, starting from Season 1. The plastic bottles that we have around the house are now neatly sorted and stored for recycling. Oh,and I also moved several furniture pieces around. I'll tackle the attic next time. It's too daunting a task for me to do alone.

Now, what's a little unplugging every now and then eh? Well, at least not for too long.

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