Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Ready For Halloween

Kuya wants to dress up as Ben 10 for Halloween this year. But finding a Ben 10 costume (white shirt with black lining) is proving to be difficult. I've been surfing the Cartoon Network sites. So far, all of them cost around $24++ online. Good thing my Dad will be going to the States this October. I might ask him buy a costume for Kuya.

Or I'm thinking we might just make this into a little project. Ben 10 is fairly easy to do on our own. A little plain white shirt and a black fabric pen just might do the trick. Kuya does have his own Omnitrix Deluxe. Brown cargo pants and rubber shoes should complete the ensemble.

Kowi wants to go as a fairy princess (again) this year. I'm trying to convince her to change it up. Oh well, she's pretty headstrong. Hopefully, she can go as Bubbles from the Flintstones. That would be cute. I'm already imagining that little bone on her hair.

Hmmm, maybe I should go to Tabora.

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Carissa said...

Good going..! My preparation for Halloween is on high force.