Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kids are Kids

I recently had a scary experiencewith Kowi. Four years ago, Kuya had the same experience.

For reasons known only to him, Kuya put a Smint candy up his nose. It got stuck in his nostil and he started to cry. And every time he tried to blow out of his nose, bubbles started to come out, which made him cry harder. Kuya was only three years old then. My mom brought him to the emergency room. I couldn't go becasue I was pregnant with Kowi that time.

I would imagine that getting a Smint up your nose would be a bit painful than a bit because it's mint. But Kowi's pink plastic bead is twice as big as Kuya's Smint.

What is it with kids and stuffing up their noses at three years old?

Kids are kids. I know they will stick more than fingers up their noses. Heaven help me get through this phase!


Tuttie said...

scary what crazy things can think of doing..we just have to pray that we will all survive this phase

enjoy ur weekend!


that must have been horrible for the little tyke!..i hope i never get to experience that with my girls.ill certainly have a nervous breakdown,lol.

btw,i linked to you,hope you link back thanks

Mommie Van said...

a cousin of mine, almost same age (3) placed a metal washer up his nostril! wahh kids!

hope ur boy will ne OK.

and..ow. a tag for u

soloops said...


I'm a wife to a mil.pilot too. I've been avidly reading your blog for a month now.

Re: kids sticking things in their noses-my 3 year old girl, to my chagrin, put an eraser up her nostril. grrr.

bambina said...

this really made me smile. my ate is almost 40 and she did the same thing at 3 years old. it was I think a small plastic flower. my mom also had to bring her to the doctor. my daughter is already 3 so I guess I have to carefully watch her now.

Anonymous said...

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