Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Smell Like Grass--And I Likey

grass cucumber cedarwood bench body sprayThe first time I used cologne was in high school. I was very fond of using JBC regular scent (Johnson's Baby Cologne) and I thought that there was no other smell quite like it. Very light and quite nice for every day use. Then I discovered Angel's Breath. I love that scent. Although other "Angel's" have sprouted, I think that Angel's Breath is still the best smelling of all.

In high school senior year, I was using Denenes and used to buy it in really big bottles. I would just transfer small amounts into my atomizer for my bag. I remember my Ninang Mildred even took home my atomizer becasue she loved that smell so much. There were also times when I used Nenuco and Para Mi Bebe, but I would always return to JBC after a while.

I discovered Gap Grass in the mid 1990s when a friend gave me a little metal canister as a gift for my birthday. I sooo love the smell. Not "matronly" floral and not "sweet sixteen sweet." It was just right for any occasion. But somehow I never got a refill. Apparently I was the only one who wanted to smell like my mom's lawn.

And now Bench has it's own version, Grass Cucumber Cedarwood. I am sooo loving it. Just bought my second bottle and I'm not getting tired the scent at all. I absolutely love smelling like freshly cut, wet grass. And the fact that it's only Php 160.00 ($3.50) doesn't hurt a bit.

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The Wifey Diaries said...

mmmm. something to look forward to. gotta buy and try it on me