Saturday, July 26, 2008

winning the vegetable war

Feeding veggies to kids is a challenge to any parent. Dinnertime is almost always a battle of wills with parents usually waving the white flag. And I am no exception. I've had my share of healthy, lovingly-prepared dinners spilling on the high-chair tray and ending up on the floor. Luckily, I am winning this battle with Kuya. With Kowi, well, she does have an opinion on what goes in her mouth.

Kuya, I am proud to say, eats his veggies. Give him salad with lettuce, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, he'll eat it. Broccoli is not a problem, it's his fave. He even likes boiled camote tops with tomatoes and onion plus a little bit of fish bagoong. He's willing to try a dish just as long as it looks and smells okay. In fact, just the other day, he ate anchovies, capers and olives on pasta night with an experimental puttanesca recipe and asked for seconds.

I'm definiely having a harder time with Kowi. I've practically tried everything, from pleading, bribery, coercion, to downright deception. I've been secretly putting carrots in the pasta sauce. So far, its existence hasn't been exposed. Shhh!

But my persistence is finally paying off. She recently ate carrots and beans in her pancit, on her own. The trick? I just told her that carrots and beans will make her healthier, prettier and stronger. And that did it. Probably the word 'prettier' did it more than the others.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, the veggie eating will continue and that I never have to wave that white flag anytime soon.


dHomemaker said...

i know, i'm also having a little problem with my 3-year old. she just wants to eat EGG - all the time! and yeah, i have also tried some of your tricks. sometimes it work, but most of the time it doesn't. oh well, i just hope she will be able to gladly eat those greens in time... :-)

Carol said...

good luck to us! as they say, patience is a virtue.