Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost in Translation

Hubby and I decided early on in our marriage that we were to raise our kids bilingual. It was my job to speak to the kids in English, he was to speak to them in Filipino. But recently Hubby noticed that Kowi wasn't speaking in Filipino at all. I didn't really notice until he pointed it out. Actually, he was right.

Hubby called Kowi and spoke to her in Filipino. "Kowi?"

"Yes, daddy?" she said.

"Sabihin mo maganda ako." he said. (Say this: I am pretty)

"I am pretty." she said.

"Hindi, sabihin mo ma-gan-da a-ko. Ma-gan-da a-ko, ganoon." (No, repeat after me, I am pretty)

"I am pretty," she said again and then left.

Well, at least we know that Kowi understands Filipino and her translation is correct. Now, we just have to get her to speak the language.

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