Sunday, July 27, 2008

mom's real life spa treatments

If going to the spa is beyond your budget, try at-home treatments ...

eyebrow threading


body wrap


I snagged this from Jarvil. Thanks a lot.

And I'm passing this on to other moms who have been brave enough to undergo these treatments. Ann, Chat, Cee, Eds, Em, Jane, Juliet, Liza, Marnellie, Elvz, Vida, Wheng, Shimumsy, and Nice.

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Tuttie said...

hi carol! nakakatuwa naman to.. :)

Anonymous said...

done with this Tag. funny and cute!

CHAT said...

thanks for the tag carol.

mommy elvz said...

hi there carol thanks for the tag. i'll post it as soon as i'm finished :)

have a nice day!

Mommy Elvz

Straight from the Heart

Mighty in Spirit

MommyWizdom said...

Ha! How funny - my favorite is blowout! I've had that treatment often!
Thanks for visiting my blog - I hope you'll stop by for Fun Monday!

Mayet said...

this is really cute!!