Tuesday, August 12, 2008

13 Best Things About Having Kids TT-1

Being a parent has certainly turned my life around 180 degrees. Listed below are the 13 best things about having kids.

13. I am lucky enough to witness the miracle of a tiny, helpless being become an independent individual.

12. I get to put wafers in the grocery list without raising any clues that I'm really the one who wants it.

11. Having high-spirited kids is the perfect excuse for why I haven't bothered to decorate or clean or organize or make the place look more presentable.

10. There is at least one person in this world who thinks I'm good at doing everything.

9. No matter how squeamish I may have been before about the human body, nothing really intimidates me now about my kids. Not their poop, puke or snotty nose.

8. I get to watch cartoons and not feel guilty about it.

7. The sound of Kuya and Kowi's laughter can melt away a bad day in seconds and put everything in perspective.

6. Hubby and I get to buy dolls and RC cars that our parents said no to.

5. I get to eat spaghetti and pizza on a regular basis.

4. I can read to my kids all the books that I loved as a child.

3. I have become a morning person and learning to make the most out of it. I'm getting more things done now before 9am than I used to accomplish in a whole day.

2. My heart melts every time they say, "I love you" or "You're the best."

1. I get to cuddle up with someone who's really not interested in getting more.

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something purple said...

100% agree! nothing beats being a mom!

Anonymous said...

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