Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't Get Enough of Phelps

I'm writing a post about Michael Phelps--again. I just can't seem to get enough of him. Here are some facts about Michael Phelps, the Superfish.

- This swim sensation has just won his 11th Olympic gold medal, firmly placing him the history books.

- He was bullied as a kid.

- He swam a race with leaking goggles and won first place. not to mention making a world record.

- He was diagnosed with ADHD and placed on permanent medication.

- He asked his mom to stop his ADHD meds two years after the diagnosis and concentrated on swimming.

- He consumes 12,000 calories a day to fuel his punishing routine.

- He has size 14 feet aptly dubbed as flippers.

- His motto: If you sell yourself short, you'll never reach your full potential.

Inspiring words from an incredible, almost extraterrestial, Olympic champ.

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