Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Halloween Costume Choice

Picking the right Halloween costumes for my two kids can be pretty exhausting. It really takes a lot of negotiating and re-negotiating just to get the right ones. Of course, I want Kuya and Kowi to have complementing costumes. But when it’s time to go costume hunting, they each have their own picks. And most of the times, the ones they choose don’t actually go together at all, or worse, they even clash!

Dressing up for Halloween is a very big deal in the family. Every year we try to vie for the coveted award of Best Costume, as chosen by my grandmother, since her birthday falls on November 1st. It’s just in time to celebrate it every year with a big costume party.

This year, I plan to dress the whole family in something matching and unique. No more dressing up like monsters, ghouls, princesses, fairies and cowboys. Those themes have been done quite a number of times by the entire family. No more recycling of costume ideas. I’m gunning to win the Best Costume.

I was surfing online and saw with Halloween costumes that might just do the trick. It has a lot of categories to choose from. I browsed through costume type, both adult and kid costumes. Then I browsed by category like TV and Movie, Dance and Holiday. I am even considering jazzing up my picked theme and glanced through accessories like makeup and masks. There is even an entire selection of props to totally get into the Halloween role. If you want to add magic tricks, juggling and even a bit of audio, you can. It’s just a click away.

In choosing the theme, there are a few things that I consider. First, it’s supposed to be original. I don’t want end up looking like a copycat to my cousin’s family wearing the same cowboy outfits! Second, I want it to be a bit quirky. To see that smile on my grandma’s face is certainly worth it. Lastly, it’s comfortable for the kids. Halloween costume safety is a priority. I don’t want them sweating in the costume or getting rashes from the fabric.

After careful consideration, I have finally made a choice. I think it is fun, quirky and complementary. The good thing is that my kids also know the characters. We have watched the DVD a lot of times over. I’m very happy to pick—drum roll please—Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I will definitely play Willy Wonka. Kuya and Kowi are already excited about their Halloween costumes. I don’t know if Hubby is as eager. Actually, he has no idea yet. But I think that it’s adorable if my daughter, son and husband dress alike, all dressed as cute Oompa Loompahs.

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