Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About Me


The object is to complete each of the following snippets. I have included the blank ones at the end of this post so they can easily be copied and pasted

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I am: a SAHM to two adorable kids.
I think: therefore I am
I know: that Hubby is missing me
I have: my family's unconditional love and support
I wish: I could win the jackpot in the lotto some time soon
I hate: popcorn with butter!
I miss: Hubby very much
I fear: being forgotten
I hear: the Sesame Street theme song
I smell: shampoo on Kowi's hair
I crave: for ice cream
I search: for information on the article I am working on
I wonder: why God created mosquitoes
I regret: not living to the fullest every day
I love: my kids, my Hubby and my life
I ache: when Hubby's not around
I am not: feeling well today
I believe: that all good things come to those who want it more
I dance: with Kowi in the morning
I sing: along with the contestants in the Singing Bee
I cry: whenever I see mom and child commercials
I fight: for my loved ones every time
I win: when I can
I lose: my cool when Kuya and Kowi fight
I never: go to sleep without tucking the kids in their beds
I always: have to have the last word. LOL
I confuse: Kowi when she's about to throw a tantrum
I listen: to Motown when I wash the dishes
I can usually be found: online and grocery shopping
I am scared: of frogs and the Twilight Zone
I need: a vacation
I am happy about: the things going on in my life right now
I imagine: that I will be on the first plane to Paris once I win that lotto jackpot
I tag: Cee and Yenzz


Journey to Prosperity said...

hanep! sama ako sa Paris sis ha? hehehehe ..... :)

Anonymous said...

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