Friday, August 22, 2008

Kowi's Forehead

Last night before bedtime, the kids were inside Manu's room, playing. I was with my sister, Ceejay, in her room when I heard a loud thump. Mamu screamed, "Give me ice!" Then I heard Kowi's loud cry.

I immediately stood up and ran outside the room to see what happened. I saw Mamu carrying Kowi. There was a BIG violet lump in the middle of her forehead.

I took Kowi and ran to the kitchen to get ice. Ceejay right behind me. I opened the freezer door to get whatever I could find that was cold and put it to Kowi's forehead. It was a pack of green peas. Good thing that my sister was already busy preparing the real cold compress.

Kowi's forehead was so swollen and violet. I knew that she fell hard but I didn't realize that she fell that hard to get a bump that big.

We applied the cold compress to Kowi's forehead for 30 minutes. Thank God that Evan Almighty was on HBO. Kowi loves that movie. It had created the perfect distraction for me to keep applying that cold compress to her forehead.

Here she is after 30 minutes. The swelling had subsided and the color has lightened to a light violet. She is drinking milk and still cranky. Who could blame her?


Mummy SHENG said...

that must hurt! hope she's ok now!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

hi sheng. yup, kowi's forehead today is better. although there's still a slight bump when viewed from the side. otherwise, she's back to her normal "malikot" self. thank god!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! wawa naman.
Sam also had a big bump when she was in school last year, super takot ako when i saw it when they called me. It's been a year na pero untilnoe may mark padin kung saan yung bump.

Hope kowi is better now.

Journey to Prosperity said...

Sis, I just read about this post. Just a tip from my friend who took up medicine. The way to treat a "bukol" is: 5mins Cold compress and 5minutes hot compress until the swollen subsides. Believe me, my son never had that even if he fell a lot of times already hehehehe... (walang ebedensya hahahahha)

Journey to Prosperity said...

i mean, 5 minutes and interval. Vise versa mo yun gagawin --- cold and then hot. Hanggang mawala yung bukol. Basta this applies dun sa cases na kakabundol lang ha heheheh. Dapat hot and cold compress agad para di bumukol. It works, really.:)