Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Alexa Ranking

When I started getting serious about blogging, I placed an Alexa widget on my blog to track my ranking. It was around 8 million ++. I was so embarrased that I removed the widget.

As I was doing my daily blog rounds, I read about a post by Lord Story that Alexa would only track your rankings if you have the Alexa widget installed on your blog. I immediately put it back.

Now the trick is to make it go up. Hmmm... care to share your Alexa tips?


something purple said...

Hi carol, Im not an alexa expert but I could still track my alexa score from here: http://www.domainpagerank.com/index.php

Also, I think dapat ang Alexa mababa ang score, kasi pag mataas i think mababa ang ranking mo pag ganon.

i think i confused you LOL!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

Hi Em,

Haha. OO nga, dapat pababaan ng score. Thanks!


MIRA said...

The lower your Alexa ranking the better, so work on making it lower ;-). Tks for the visit.
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Fortune Park Hotels Ltd said...

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