Monday, August 18, 2008

Watching Wall-E

The kids and I watched Wall-E yesterday. The movie was very entertaining, funny and absolutely charming. It didn't have a lot of conversation in it. And I was a bit apprehensive that the kids would not be able to appreciate the film.

The first 30 minutes of the movie features Wall-E's life on Earth. It was entirely about Wall-E and his pet cockroach cleaning junk and compacting trash into cubes. Apparently, they were the only creatures left on Earth. The funny thing was that Wall-E had the "ability" to decide which is trash and which isn't.

Wall-E has a house full of odds and ends, collected from years of sorting trash. He has an assortment of knick-knacks that he finds useful or interesting. Once he found a diamond ring. He threw away the ring but kept the box. He also found a plant and planted it in an old boot. Another thing that I loved about Wall-E was his appreciation for music and dancing. He watches tapes of old musicals from his VHS player and listens to music from his cassette player. He certainly isn't your typical robot.

But everything changes when Wall-E meets EVE. It had been 700 hundred years since the humans left the planet due to toxicity. Probes were sent periodically to check if it was viable for humans to return to Earth. EVE was one of those probes. She's sleek and dangerous and Wall-E falls for her. This is where the adventure starts.

I highly recommend Wall-E to kids of all ages. The musical score is great. I love La Vie En Rose. My kids definitely got the message: Be resposible for your junk. In the end, how could we not love an adorable, garbage-collecting robot like Wall-E?

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