Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Rainy Day

I woke up at 5am to see that it was raining. Originally, I had planned to cook pancakes for breakfast today but decided to scrap it at the last minute. There is only one fitting breakfast for me and the kids on a rainy day like today--champorado.

Good thing I had some stocked in my pantry. I took it out and cooked it. As expected, it was yummy. There's nothing like steamy, hot champroado to warm your tummy and jumpstart your day.

Too bad I didn't have tuyo (dried fish).


Anonymous said...

Ang sarap naman!
And you're right, nothing better than what you prepared during a rainy day.

MOMnificent said...

yes, champorado is really good to start your day in the morning especially if it's raining. I partner mo pa ang tuyo wow! sarap talaga.or we called it "bulad" in Davao hehe...Love your site Mommy keep it up! Have a great times.

brief sentiments said...

this looks so yummy. my mom used to feed me this.. you just gave an idea what to feed my kids that wil be something new for their taste buds... thanks for the visit. hope you can visit my other sites too
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shimumsy said...

yes, tuyo is really perfect for champorado. wow sarap.

liza said...

i love champorado but i don't like it with tuyo, hahaha. kami naman we had arroz caldo, sarap pag maulan :)


little prince's mummy said...

my place's raining heavily this morning also..

Dee said...

My favorite breakfast and merienda...champorado, yummy!