Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Award For An Awesome Site

Awesome Blog Award
When I opened my blog, I saw a message in my CBox from Hesitant Wife. She had given me a blog award.

Thank you for thinking of me. Your appreciation is a validation that my insights are truly worth sharing. This is a much needed perk to a difficult day like today.

To all my frequent visitors, hoppers, lurkers, guests and blog friends:

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and making me a daily routine in your blog life. I hope you continue to drop, hop and stop here more often. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and (not-so) violent reactions. I truly welcome the interaction.

Again, thank you.

I am sharing this award to the following people:

Melisse for introducing me to the blog life (and others).
Yenzz and Sheng for your daily visits.
Marnellie for the support.
Juliana for her wahm groove.
Cee for all the tags. LOL. And for making me part of your blog hop routine.
Ceejay for being my sister.

Shameless plugging: Visit Ceejay's blog if you're a poker fan.


hesitant wife said...

hi thanks for posting this!


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy Carol...

Wahm groove daw oh...hahaha. Thanks much for this award. Will post it later on....balik ako here to pick it up.

I hope your little angel is feeling a lot better already. Hay naku Mommy...I think na tayo eh laging biktima ng sakit pag maysakit ang ating tsikiting. Lagi kasi tayong naka dikit sa kanila.

Take care and keep taking those meds. Hopefully eh di ka nahawa.

Mommy J

Mummy SHENG said...

thank you so much for this, carol! it meant a lot! i feel honoured that you've thought about me!

thanks again!

Melisse said...

Thanks Carol!
POst ko na now .. naku may utang pa ako na tags sa iyo eh ..hehehe..dadating din tayo jan :)

Anonymous said...

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