Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fish Oil Benefits

I have been looking for flavored fish oil or chewable fish oil tablets here in Manila since last year. But my search was unsuccessful. The only fish oil supplements that I found were the regular ones and it really tastes fishy.

I am a big believer in fish oil. I started doing a lot of research on it when I came across an article that claimed daily intake can improve learning ability and decrease in aggressive behavior of children diagnosed with autism, dyslexia and ADHD. As many as 4 out of 10 benefit from a dramatic improvement and as much as 7 percent can be completely cured. Those are great stats.

Mainstream students can also get the same benefits from fish oil with the same percentage. Aside from increases in concentration, children can benefit from better vision, better hearing, better motor skills, more coordination and a friendlier personality.

Adults can also benefit from taking fish oil supplements. Effects include lower blood pressure levels, less risk to various forms of cancer, anti-inflammatory properties and decreased risk for blood clots. In addition, women may experience improved fertility, a more regular monthly cycle and less PMS symptoms.

fish oilAnother side effect of fish oil is improved skin and shiny hair.

Wouldn't it be great if chocolate had the same side effects as fish oil?

Good thing Tita Tinai sent some strawberry-flavored fish oil for Kowi. It's fresh from Norway. Thank you! I'm expecting another batch when supplies run out. LOL.

Kuya and I have been taking our regular fishy-flavored fish oil quite religiously since last year. So far, so good.


Meg said...

Wow, I never knew anything about fish oil until I read this. Awesome post.

Outback-Pinay said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Now I know what fish oil can contribute to all of us :-)


Anonymous said...

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