Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hubby's Shirt

I noticed an interesting behavior recently. When Hubby is not around, which is quite often, I use his shirt for sleeping.

It’s not just any shirt, but a specific shirt. It’s Hubby’s college “Barrio Fiesta” shirt from 1997.

Yes, Hubby’s shirt is officially 11 years old. You can tell that it’s old by the way it hangs. The neckline is losing its scoop, the body is a little too loose -- okay -- it’s a little worse for wear.

But I like it.

Although the fabric maybe a little thin, it still keeps me warm, especially on chilly nights.

He’s been away for 19 days. You can guess what I’ll be wearing to bed tonight--again.

1 comment:

totskie said...

he3 ako din, i love wearing hubby's shirts, my pambahays in pinas were his old company shirts haha sad that i had to leave them all when we moved here. but kukunin ko lahat yun when we visit home :)