Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kowi is Sick

Kowi has a fever today. It started yesterday morning with a stuffy nose. It progressed to a full-blown cold by nighttime. And this morning, when she woke up, she had a slight fever and a lot of crankiness.

I'm sort of feeling a bit under the weather myself. My throat hurts a little when I swallow. I've started taking meds for the flu yesterday. Hopefully, I won't be getting any fever. I just can't afford to get sick when there a lot of household chores to do.

I'm just glad that Kuya is healthy and fine.


eugene said...

when you are under the whether, it simply means your body needs rest, so let it rest,please take care of yourself and kowi,

thank for visiting , hope to hear from you sooner

hesitant wife said...

oh my, the flu is going around these days. i guess it is because of the very hot--rainy cycle.

i got an award for u. pls check it out at my blog.


happy blogging!

Mummy SHENG said...

i guess it really is the season of sickness! a lot are getting sick!

hope you guys feel better soon!

take care!