Tuesday, July 29, 2008

add value through cisco

As a stay-at-home mom, I'm concerned about getting stuck in a routine. Taking care of the family is top priority but I used to have a career before deciding to stay home. I don't want to give up work entirely and I want to get back into the workforce once the kids are older. The way I see it, one way to keep my competitive advantage is to change career paths. I want to get a job in an industry that provides for better long-term career expansion. And with the way things are going, the IT industry is my best option.

IT trends continue to indicate upward worldwide demand for IT-based products and services on a daily basis. The need for skilled and certified IT professionals is on the rise to keep up with the unrelenting need for new technology and innovation. While employment demand is solid in virtually all sectors of the IT industry, it is also highly competitive. It is not only a matter of skills, but also a matter of being certified.

I recently browsed through the Cisco Learning Network and found that they provide several network certification programs for four levels. There is an entry, affiliate, professional or specialist Cisco certification that will match and tailor-fit individual needs in routing and switching, network design, security or voice specialist area. So a beginner like me wanting to jumpstart a career in the IT field or a specialist looking to fine-tune his IT skills has much to gain from a Cisco certification.

Although getting work experience is still a major hurdle for newcomers, I am betting that a Cisco certification will level the playing field. In the competitive world of information technology, technical expertise is not the issue. It really is a matter of value. And the power comes with enhancing that value to always keep ahead of the pack.

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