Friday, August 1, 2008

rain, rain...don't go away

Hubby came home unexpectedly last night. He was supposed go to Mindanao last Saturday, but their vehicle still under maintenance. It delayed their trip a few days. Yay!

He usually comes home on the weekends when he's not doing weekend overtime, which is like once or twice a month. And he sleeps over one night during weekdays. But this week, he has been sleeping home more often. This is because he'll be gone for at least two months. Haay...

When he was told yesterday that they would be leaving today, he decided to come home to spend dinner with us bringing KFC. The kids were ecstatic, partly because he was here for dinner and partly because of the chicken.

We checked the weather conditions via satellite last night to see if it was possible for their vehicle to brave the rains. To him, it looked like they'd have to delay their trip again until the weather clears. But it isn't his call. Well, hopefully the rain doesn't go away just yet, at least for the weekend, so we can spend more time with him.

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berna said...

hay.. ganyan talaga noh? we're always like begging for time. owell!